Durrrr Loses $60,000… In a Game of Chess!

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Chess prop bet

The edge one player has over another in a chess game is usually obvious, so there isn’t much room for gambling. Two online poker pros, however, managed to set up a high stakes chess game no problem.

Durrrr lost more then $60,000 this weekend in a game of chess brought on by a bet. The bet was that he could beat a grand master in a chess game if said person was missing a rook. His room mate, Raptor517, quickly and confidently jumped on this prop bet for $55,000. A few other poker players were in on it to, for smaller amounts.

Raptor517 called up Curtains (A chess grand master who plays online poker for the cash) to set up the game. He offered curtains a 5% freeroll if he won.

Curtains and Durrrr played 3 matches to decide the winner. Curtains easily won all three, winning the $55,000 prop bet for Raptor517 and $2,750 for himself.

Here’s the entire 300+ post thread on 2+2 discussing the wager.

2 Responses to “Durrrr Loses $60,000… In a Game of Chess!”

  1. elie

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  2. Jordan

    Correction: Curtains, aka Greg Shahade, is an International Master, not a Grand Master.


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