FTOPS #5 – Full Tilt Poker’s biggest series yet

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Full Tilt Online Poker Series

WSOP numbers are down a bit this year, but online poker is still steadily growing. FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) #5 has a $7,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, which is $3,000,000 more then last year.

This time they’re adding a $2,500 two day event into the mix. The deepstack format gives you a ton of room for play before the blinds start eating away at your stack, and it definitely rewards the more skilled players.

Full Tilt is also running a satellite challenge for the the FTOPS event to get more players involved. They player that wins the most satellites to an individual FTOPS event will have their account credited with twice the buy-in for the tournament, along with the cash for each additional satellite win. So if you’re running good in the $2,500+120 tournament satellites, you can potentially get an extra $5,240 credited to your account.

Satellites started on July 9th and will run up until the day of each tournament in August. Here’s the complete FTOPS #5 Schedule.

Date/time Game Buy-in Guarantee
Aug 8th 21:00 No Limit Hold ’em $216 $500 K
Aug 9th 21:00 Horse $216 $150 K
Aug 10th 21:00 Pot Limit Hold ’em $216 $200 K
Aug 11th 15:00 PL Omaha 6-max $535 $150 K
Aug 11th 16:30 NL Hold ’em Rebuy $109 $300 K
Aug 12th 18:00 NL Hold ’em $322 $1 M
Aug 13th 21:00 NL Hold ’em 6max $1,060 $1 M
Aug 14th 21:00 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $216 $150 K
Aug 15th 21:00 NL Hold ‘Em 6-max rebuy $322 $450 K
Aug 16th 21:00 Seven card stud $216 $100 K
Aug 17th 21:00 Limit Hold ’em 6max $216 $200 K
Aug 18th 15:00 NL Hold ’em $2,620 $600 K
Aug 18th 16:30 Pot Limit Omaha Rebuy $109 $200 K
Aug 19th 18:00 NL Hold ’em $535 $2 M

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