Timidity is not for Short Stacks

Imagine you’re in a Texas Holdem tournament or Sit and Go, and you are starting to get close to the money. Unfortunately for you though, you are one of the shorter stacks, and your prospects for making the money are … Continued

Small Pocket Pairs after the Flop

In my last article, I explained many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to play small pocket pairs before the flop. Now, I will continue to explain small pocket pair strategies, this time dealing with the factors that … Continued

Tip 29: Controlling Information

Poker is a game where if you know more than your opponents you will have a significant advantage over the competition. While luck is a big factor in poker, it is the fight for information that is most important, as … Continued

Small Pocket Pairs Before the Flop

Playing small pocket pairs can be a very challenging aspect of poker, because while they can form a monster hand if a set forms on the flop, which will happen about once every seven and a half times, they are … Continued

Tip 28: Preflop Posturing

Poker is a game where players who know more than their opponents have an advantage, and the battle of information has a direct relation to how the ensuing battles of chips and cards turn out. The more information you have, … Continued

Checking the Helpful Turn

One of the most fundamental and important principles of poker is to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. One of the best ways to do this is to fool your opponents, making them think you are bluffing when you’re … Continued

European Governments Restricting Online Poker

Several European governments have enacted or are drawing up plans to restrict online poker. Germany recently put into effect a ban on online gambling, and this ban is already facing challenges from the European Gaming and Betting Association, which is … Continued