Tip 27: Managing the Pot Size

One factor of poker that many amateur poker players tend to under appreciate is the ability to manage the size of the pot and keep their bets suitable to the pot. Players understand intuitively that you don’t bet a thousand … Continued

Being the Bully in Short-Handed Play

As more and more players drop out of a poker game you will have to be more aggressive as the average quality of starting hands goes down. The trick to short-handed play is to balance aggression and caution, so that … Continued

European Commission Concerned Over UIGEA Fairness

Concerned with the effects it is having upon European companies, the European Commission has begun a probe into United States regulations that prevent European gambling companies from providing their services to the American consumers, most notably the Unlawful Internet Gambling … Continued

Correct Analysis

Being able to correctly analyze your opponent’s actions is a necessary skill for any poker player. Correct analysis will help you maximize your wins and minimize your losses, which is a fundamental goal of poker. Some things you must be … Continued