William Fry Wins First Ever EPT Hungarian Open

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The European Poker Tour saw an additional stop in this year’s tour, the EPT Hungarian Open, which took place in Budapest, Hungary. This new event drew a playing field of 532 players, out of whom eight would make the final table, with William Fry of the UK emerging as the victor and capturing the €595,839 first prize.

Johnny Lodden was the first to fall at the final table, doing so when he got all his money in against two opponents, Martin Jacobson and Zoltan Toth, on a flop of [Jd][8c][2d]. Lodden held the best hand with pocket kings, while Jacobson held [10d][7d] for a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw, and Toth held [Ad][Kd] for the nut flush draw. The [7h] fell on the turn to make Jacobson a small pair, but the river dealt the deathblow to Lodden as it fell [9s] to give Jacobson his straight. Johnny Lodden exited in eighth place and collected €53,200 for his efforts.

The confrontation had left Zoltan Toth with a much diminished stack and he moved it all-in on the next hand while only holding 6-2 after Gino Alacqua made the opening raise. Albert Iversen also went along for the ride, holding Q-10, with Alacqua holding the best hand at the moment with A-2. Alacqua and Iversen were content to check the hand down as the board fell [8s][4c][3h][Qh][3s] to give Iversen the winning hand. Zoltan Toth collected €78,736 for his seventh place finish.

Gino Alacqua would also fall in a three-way hand, doing so when he moved all-in over the top of a Ciprian Hrisca raise only to see calls from both Iversen and Hrisca. The three went to the flop, which fell [Jh][10h][8c] and Iversen bet out with Hrisca quickly calling. The turn or [Js] was checked as was the river of [9h]. Alacqua showed [Ac][Qs], which had been trumped by Hrisca’s [Ad][10s]. Alacqua would take home €100,016 for his sixth place finish.

Marino Serenelli exited in fifth place after he was all-in against William Fry on a board of [Qh][7h][6s][2d] while holding [8d][5c] for an open-ended straight draw. Fry showed [Jh][6d] for a lowly pair of sixes, but it would be enough to capture the pot after the [7d] landed on the river. Serenelli earned €127,860 for his final table performance.

Williman Fry would then knock out Albert Iversen after Iversen shoved preflop with [9c][7c]. Fry showed pocket eights and the two competitors saw the board fall [Kc][10s][5d][7h][6c] to give the victory to Fry. Iversen’s fourth place finish earned him a payday of €153,216.

Martin Jacobson finished in third place after clashing with Ciprian Hrisca. The two had checked the flop of [Kh][6h][3c] and betting began when the [8h] landed on the turn. Hrisca would move all-in when the river fell [Ks] and Jacobson made the call with his 10-8. However, Hrisca showed a flush with his [10h][2h] and knocked out Jacobson, who collected €197,904 on his way out the door.

William Fry was almost a 2:1 underdog when heads-up play began, but he would not be discouraged as he would battle back to take the lead and eventually eliminate Ciprian Hrisca. In the final hand Hrisca moved all-in before the flop with [Ac][6d] and Fry made the call with pocket jacks. Hrisca would need help to survive, and he would not get this help as the board ran out [Qs][10d][6c][Kc][Qc].

Ciprian Hrisca earned €342,608 for his runner-up performance while William Fry captured €595,839 and the EPT Budapest title.

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