basebaldy Dominates Full Tilt Poker $750K Final Table

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The Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Sunday Guarantee tournament attracted a playing field of 3,157, forming a prize pool with a coveted first prize of $132,787.50. Basebaldy knocked out several of his opponents at the final table en route to the victory.

When final table play began the chip stacks looked like this:

playnwithnada – 1,655,079

ALLinwithdaBEST – 1,589,554

basebaldy – 1,546,034

thinkinghard – 1,544,976

JLizard – 1,230,997

ZioStefano – 1,142,585

BerkeleyBoss – 842,293

13TH BASS PRO – 576,280

MattZman – 423,202

13TH BASS PRO was the first to exit when his [Kh][Js] ran into basebaldy’s pocket aces. The board came down [Qc][9s][6s][4d][7c], which was no help for 13TH BASS PRO, who earned a payday of $10,050 for finishing in ninth place.

JLizard’s doubled up BerkeleyBoss in a race that saw his [Ac][Ks] fail to catch up to BerkeleyBoss’s pocket tens. JLizard lost the remnants of his chip stack quickly, finishing in eighth place for $13,500.

MattZman shoved all-in with pocket jacks and needed to hold on in a race against the original raiser, basebaldy, who was holding onto [Ah][Qc]. The flop fell in favor of basebaldy as it delivered [Ad][10d][10c] to give basebaldy the lead. MattZman was looking for a jack to reverse his sinking fortunes but would instead see the turn land [Kh] and the river land [7c]. MattZman exited in seventh place, richer by $17,250.

Basebaldy made an all-in move of his own, and BerkeleyBoss called to put himself at risk of going out. BerkeleyBoss showed pocket tens and was a huge underdog to basebaldy’s pocket queens. Basebaldy made his set on the flop thanks to a helpful queen and BerkeleyBoss’s avatar left the virtual table in sixth place, having earned $23,025.

Thinkinghard would be the next to fall to basebaldy, doing so when he called basebaldy’s preflop raise and then check-raised all-in when the flop landed [8c][4s][3d]. Basebaldy called the all-in with his pocket queens and thinkinghard showed a lesser hand of pocket sixes. Thinkinghard’s exit would be made official after the [9s] turn and the [8h] river. Thinkinghard finished in fifth place for a payday of $31,050.

ALLinwithdaBEST ran into a dominating hand when he moved all-in with [Ac][9h] and came up against the [Ad][Kd] of playnwithnada. Both players made a pair with their kickers on the flop of [Ks][10c][9c], so after three cards playnwithnada still had the lead The [Jd] landed on the turn leaving ALLinwithdaBEST needing a 9 for the win or a queen for a split. Instead the river card was the [5d] and ALLinwithdaBEST ALLinwithdaBEST exited in fourth place, richer by $41,400.

ZioStefano held less than two big blinds after taking a huge hit the hand before, and he flipped his last chips into the center. . Basebaldy called to eliminate ZioStefano, who would collect $52,500 for finishing in third place.

At the start of heads-up play basebaldy was holding onto a 4:1 chip lead over playnwithnada. In the final hand Playnwithnada moved all-in with [Ah][3d] only to see basebaldy reveal [Ad][Ks]. The board of [9d][8c][6h][10d][8d] was absolutely no help for the beleaguered playnwithnada and the tournament had reached its finish.

Playnwithnada’s runner-up finish netted him $80,250 while basebaldy earned the victor’s prize of $132,787.50.

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