45 ACP Fanatic Wins Full Tilt $750k Guarantee

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fulltilt3,736 players signed up to compete in the Full Tilt Poker $750,000 Guarantee, where the first prize payout was $132,787.50.

Here is what the chip stacks looked like at the start of final table play:

45 ACP Fanatic – 3,033,640

timhorr – 2,824,265

K7MA – 2,045,197

WSOP Legend – 1,063,490

Joeyv1234 – 814,917

highlandfox – 616,025

dedhepaap – 387,572

frickafricka -223,094

spady 007 – 199,800

K7MA was the first casualty of the final table, falling when 45 ACP Fanatic moved all-in with his chip lead and K7MA decided to call all-in. K7MA was holding onto [Ad][Qs] while 45 ACP Fanatic was holding pocket jacks, putting the opponents in a race situation. The board would not keep K7MA alive as it fell [Ks][Kd][4s][4d][9d] to give 45 ACP Fanatic two pair, kings and jacks. K7MA would receive $10,050 for finishing in ninth place.

highlandfox would fall after moving all-in with [Ad][Qd] and losing a race to timhorr’s pocket fives. The unspectacular and unhelpful board rolled out [8c][6s][4h][8h][Kd], and highlandfox collected $13,500 for finishing in eighth place.

Spady 007 would be the next to leave, doing so when his [Kd][3d] could not overcome frickafricka’s [Ad][10c]. frickafricka enjoyed the flop of [Ah][Jd][9s] as it further secured his lead, and after the turn fell [9c] and the river fell [Kc] Spady 007 was gone in seventh place, having earned $17,250.

frickafricka would see his own tournament come to an end when he was all-in with [Ah][4c] and needed an ace to defeat WSOP Legend’s pocket jacks. However, the board would not deliver the much needed ace and all frickafricka could do was collect the sixth place prize of $23,025.

Joeyv1234 would be the third player to exit after losing a race, having taken [10c][8d] up against WSOP Legend’s pocket fours. The flop fell [Qd][Jd][6d] to give Joeyv1234 a flush draw, but the [4s] on the turn meant that he would need a diamond on the river in order to double up. The river card was the [7h] and Joeyv1234 exited in fifth place, richer by $31,050.

WSOP Legend would be the next to fall, doing so when he staked all of his chips on pocket tens while facing timhorr’s [Ad][8s]. An ace landed on the flop to give Timhorr a pair of aces and the lead, which would hold up on the turn and river. WSOP Legend would collect $41,400 for finishing in fourth place.

The tournament would grow lopsided very quickly as 45 ACP Fanatic raised his chip stack to almost 10 million chips, whereas timhorr, who was in second place, held a paltry 700,000. 45 ACP Fanatic was pressuring the other two with his huge stack and timhorr would call all-in with pocket nines, which were the favorite against 45 ACP Fanatic’s [Ks][2c]. 45 ACP Fanatic would make a pair of twos on the flop of [Qd][4c][2h], which wasn’t enough to take the lead. However, the [Kh] on the turn was, and needing a nine, timhorr watched the river fall [8c]. Timhorr exited in third place for a payday of $52,500.

45 ACP Fanatic and dedhepaap played heads-up for only one hand, as dedhedaap threw his miniscule stack in with [Kd][2d] and 45 ACP Fanatic showed a dominating [Ks][10c]. dedhepaap made two pair on the flop of [Kh][3c][2h] to take the lead, but the [3d] on the turn gave the lead back to 45 ACP Fanatic and his ten kicker. dedhedaap was not out of options, as he could double up with a two or split the pot with any card jack or higher. None of those options appeared as the river was the [7c].

dedhedaap’s second place finish was good for $80,250 while 45 ACP Fanatic earned the first place prize of $132,787.50.

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