Poker Show: 2Months2Million

It seems poker can be seen everywhere now.  GSN has High Stakes Poker, NBC has Poker After Dark, and of course ESPN has the World Series of Poker.  Now, it is time for one of the actual gaming networks to … Continued

Play your Pocket Aces to perfection.

Pocket Aces, the weapons of mass destruction, everyone’s favorite hand, but why do people keep losing with them?  The biggest problems with amateurs playing pocket aces is they either A) play them to slow or B) play them to fast … Continued

Monday Bonus Update

Now is the time to win a big tournament, and make poker your profession for good.  As of right now, numerous sites are doing $1,000,000 prize pools for all of their players.  Better yet, you can get into these large … Continued

SunPoker Million Dollar Tournaments is starting to get into the $1,000,000 tournament fun.  Starting Aug. 10th to Sep. 13th, players on SunPoker will have an opportunity to play in two $1,000,000 guarantees.  Of course, you can always buy your way into the tournament … Continued

PokerStars’ new bonus.

In the past, PokerStars offered one small bonus to new customers, but that has all changed. is now implementing reload bonuses and first time bonuses for current and new players. If you are not a player on PokerStars already … Continued

Everest Poker turns five!

Its not uncommon to see companies crash and burn in their first few years of operation, but Everest Poker is not one of them.  Getting into the poker scene August 2004, Everest knew it may be a long road to … Continued

Monday Bonus Promotions

Scouting for the best promotions online today?  Want your chance at thousands of free dollars every month?  Starting every Monday, will be updating you with promotions being held at some of the most popular sites online today.  Here is … Continued

Pokerstars WCOOP Extreme Satellites

Pokerstars has just released the satellites to the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).  These satellites are run in a steps program, you work your way up to the final tournaments which have prize pools over $1,000,000.  What is different … Continued