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Phil GalfondOnline Poker Names:

OMGClayAiken on Full Tilt Poker
Real Name: Phil Galfond
Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Who is Phil Galfond (OMGClayAiken)?

Phil Galfond is an accomplished high stakes online poker player who’s used to winning and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars daily. He plays mostly on on Full Tilt Poker as ‘OMGClayAiken’, in the $50/100 to $200/400NL games.

Phil Galfond is part of the ‘Ship it Holla Ballas’, a crew of young poker players who live an extravagant lifestyle on their poker earnings. “The Ballas travel the world in search of sweet parties, hot girls and play in some poker tournaments on the side.”

I consider Phil Galfond to be one of the smarter high stakes online poker players. he’s a 2+2er (jman28), who continues to study the game and learn new strategies. You can find him in the high stakes NL forum giving players advice when they post their hand histories.

Phil Galfond on High Stakes Poker


Like Brian Townsend in season 3 of high stakes poker, Phil Galfond was able to use his online poker reputation to get a seat on season 4 of high stakes poker. He was scheduled to play part of day two and all of day three.

He brought $720,000 with him, planning on buying in for $220,000 Max the first day and saving $500,000 the next. Galfond was seated on day two, with two hours of taping left in the show. He played tighter then normal because the game was so aggressive, but he was still prepared to open up his game the second day when he had a $500K+ stack.

Buying in short the first day proved to be a mistake when he got a call later that night telling him that they decided to give a more entertaining pro his seat at the table. Overall Phil Galfond played 2 hours at the table, which probably won’t equate to to much TV time. However, on the bright side, he was able to win $20,000 in the short period of time.