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Multi-tabling is one of the biggest advantages that online poker rooms have over brick and mortar poker rooms. Multi-tabling is the ability to play poker at many different poker tables at the same time, thereby increasing the number of hands played per hour. This allows players to win more money faster, but could also cause players to lose more money faster. One should be careful when considering whether or not to multi-table, as not everybody can handle the fast pace of action. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of playing multiple tables at once

Advantages of Multi-Tabling

1. More Hands Played: The more hands you play, the more chances you have of picking up a good hand. The very nature of multi-tabling requires that one only play very good hands, as a player cannot focus overly much on any one game. By playing more hands you will also be better equipped to make sure that the rake does not eat into your profits too much.

2. Learn Faster: Poker players are always learning, and when you play at multiple tables you are in effect multiplying the pace at which you learn. When you have three tables open you learn as much from one hour of play as you would from three hours of play in a casino.

3. Less Time Needed: Dont have as much time to play poker as youd like? When you multi-table you dont have to play for as long a time to accrue the same profits you would at a single table, assuming that your play nets you a steady profit over time.

Disadvantages of Multi-Tabling

1. Less Focused: When you are playing multiple tables, you have to divide your focus between many different games. You will not be able to learn a lot about your opponents playing styles and will not have as many weapons to deal with them. It is quite difficult to carefully observe your opponents when you have to keep switching your focus. This is why it is imperative that you play solid, patient poker, relying on excellent starting hands to win the pot.

2. Limited Time For Decisions: Because there are multiple games ongoing, you will find yourself needing to take action very quickly. You will not have time to carefully deliberate your move as you could easily run out of time in another game if you concentrate on any one decision. You must be able to act quick, recognize what action has occurred and the response you should make, all within a couple of seconds. Any longer and you will find yourself having even less time to act at another table.

3. Losing Faster: If you are not able to play at multiple tables and make a steady profit, you wind yourself losing money very fast. Make sure when you multi-table that you have a sizeable bankroll left over in case you find yourself leaking money.

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of multi-tabling. If you are thinking about multi-tabling make sure you evaluate all of the pros and cons before making your decision.

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