2006 Mac poker review

2006 was a roller coaster for Mac poker players. We had a slow start, then a bunch of great news, followed by some horrible news, and finally at the end of 06 we’re leveling out again. The Good Full tilt … Continued

Tip 14: Poker tournament bankroll

Tournaments have a lot of variance, so playing them will require a large bankroll. Most people throw out 4% (25 buy-ins) as a standard bankroll number, but serious players are going to need more. A 4% tournament bankroll is fine … Continued

Tip 12: Play pot limit omaha post flop

The majority of the action in Pot limit omaha (PLO) should occur post flop. Even hands that look like gold, like AAxx and KKxx, might be even money or even behind against multiple players pre flop. The best pot limit … Continued

Poker.com – Mac version planned for the future

Poker.com is a medium sized internet poker room. They run great promotions, give away a lot of money in freerolls, and have a responsive support team. Unfortunately, they’re missing one important element to make their poker room complete. Mac software! … Continued

Updates to Poker on a Mac

It’s update time! Over the next few months there’s a few thing I plan to update to Poker on a Mac, to increase the quality and information. Most will involve content and organization. One feature that needs to be redone … Continued

New Mixed Games at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker added a new tab to their lobby titled, ‘Mixed Games‘. Mixed games are poker tables where you can play multiple variations of poker on a single table. […]

The title’s for mixed games are names like Horse, Hose, and Ha. Odd sounding, yes, but they’re abbreviations for each poker game.