New Bill Fights to Regulate Online Poker

Rep. Barney Frank introduced the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007 today that will legalize and regulate online gambling and poker in the US. “Traditional forms of legalized gambling already exist in nearly every state. By continuing to … Continued

Democrat says expect a pro-online gambling bill

Congressman Barney Frank announced that he will introduce a pro-online gambling bill tomorrow (April 26th). If the bill passes, it will lift the previous ban on U.S. online poker. The current law prevents US banks from processing payments with companies … Continued

FTOPS #4 Schedule

Full Tilt Poker just keeps churning out their FTOPS events. They seem to be making a new one every 3 months now. This time they’ll have $4,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools, spread over 10 tournaments. For us casual tournament players … Continued

R.I.P. Live at the Bike

The bicycle casino will no longer be making new episodes of their online show, Live at the Bike. Live at the bike was reality poker at its best; an unscripted and uncasted live cash game that showed everyone’s whole cards. … Continued

Tip 23: Over bet your winning hand

Here’s a common situation: You’ve made it to the river but you missed your draw. You’re sure that your opponent has a weak hand and you know that the only way to win is by betting. So in an attempt … Continued

Tip 22: Value bet your losing hand

Usually when people under bet the river it’s because they want to see you call. You can hear the player saying, “Please call! It will only cost you a tiny bit!”, with their small river bets. Here’s an idea, why … Continued

Pokerstars: Slow on Mac updates

It’s been a while since pokerstars updated their beta Mac software. I haven’t been holding anything back. Here’s the latest update from the beta support team. Sorry, we still don’t have a release date, and I don’t know when the … Continued