PokerStars Busts Neverwin For Multi-Accounting

I’m extremely happy to see pokerstars seriously going after multi-accounters. Famed online poker player, Neverwin, had his pokerstars account banned for playing on multiple accounts and letting other players play on his. He had to withdraw his funds and they … Continued

Voluntarily Ban Yourself From Full Tilt

Gamblers Anonymous members rejoice! Full Tilt poker has introduced a new self exclusion feature that allowes you to voluntarily ban yourself from playing poker, with ease. Just select the time frame, hit submit, and you won’t be able to play … Continued

Why Are Games So Aggressive? How Do I Counter?

One thing about the explosion of online poker is that it has made aggressiveness, even aggressiveness to the point of stupidity, a much more common occurrence at the poker table and especially at online poker games. There are several reasons … Continued

PokerStars Finally Gets Heads-Up Tables

After years of denying requests to make heads-up cash games for their players, PokerStars finally gave in and implemented 1-on-1 heads-up tables. The addition of these tables can be attributed to the TwoPlusTwo heads-up poker forum. On August 2nd at … Continued