A Poker Lesson on Perception

One of the most frustrating aspects for a young (and that’s not referring to age, but to experience) poker players can be when you go scrounging for all the information and advice you can get, only to find that while … Continued

PartyPoker Loses $47,000,000 in Six Months

According to Guardian.co.uk, PartyGaming, home of PartyPoker and other online gambling locales, such as Party Bingo, and Party Casino reported losses during the last six months alone amounting to a little more than $47 Million, due to the United States … Continued

Bolerek Steps Down, PPA Moves to Washington

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) will soon be moving, and changing leadership. In the very near future, the PPA will relocate from San Francisco, California to their new home and headquarters in Washington D.C. this will allow the PPA to … Continued

Absolute Poker 8.0 Unveiled + Mac Updates

Absolute Poker, possibly one of the largest online poker rooms available to United States Poker Players, has announced a pretty big software launch, actually, it’s so big they’re calling it Absolute Poker 8.0. In fact, the release is so big, … Continued

Two Powerhouses Join Forces for the Benefit of All

Two major powerhouses in the world of online poker have joined together for the benefit of their players, us!. UltimateBet.com and AbsolutePoker.com (Mac compatible) have agreed to allow players with accounts on both sites to transfer money between them. There … Continued

Preventing Show Downs: The Power of the Re-Raise

Poker has gotten so aggressive lately that it seems insane. Between good aggressive players, many more terrible ones, and the ones who think they’re good but aren’t—it seems like poker tables are sometimes so bad that they become almost a … Continued