PokerTek Announces Profit

For people that do not know who PokerTek is, here is a little introduction. PokerTek is the company that first made the dealer less poker tables and made everything run electronically, see you have a regular poker table with a … Continued

Harley Davidson Charity Tournament

Whoever said that “poker players were nothing but greedy, gambling addicted people who thought about nothing but their own financial gain,” probably never actually left the confines of their own home. If you take a moment to look you will see charity tournament after charity … Continued

Dennis Phillips Needs Help

The World Series of Poker Main Event final table is just around the corner and the final table players must be getting more nervous with every tick of the clock. What do you think most of the players did while … Continued

WSOP Academy Is Upping The Ante

The popular World Series of Poker Academy has announced a big improvement and it has a lot of amateur poker players jumping on board. Earlier this week the World Series of Poker Academy announced that they will be adding more … Continued

Durrrr Unlucky On Record Night

The online poker community has seen its fair share of monster pots that in most peoples eyes is more than what they could make in the next five years maybe ten. Whether you are someone that plays at the tables … Continued

It’s a battle at the colosseum

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV has been known for hosting some of the worlds biggest events from concerts to fighting events. Well Caesars Palace will be hosting yet another event that will surely bring out the dog in everyone … Continued

November Nine’s fight against MS

With the World Series of Pokers Main Event final table inching closer and closer, one final table participant is using his new found fame to their fullest potential. The player whom I am referring to is none other than the chip … Continued

FTOPS X Announced for November

Can you hear the footsteps getting closer and closer? Well I sure can and they are getting louder. The footsteps I am talking about are those of the giant, Full Tilt Poker’s famous tournament FTOPS. The tournament is becoming more … Continued

Enter The Matrix

There has been a new addition to the Full Tilt Poker lineup of famous sit-n-go’s and in order to win at these sit-n-go’s will take more skill then luck. These sit-n-go’s are so special that Full Tilt Poker has even … Continued