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Online poker strategy varies significantly from that of live poker strategy. Sure, the games have the same rules, use the same 52 card deck, and could possibly have the same players in it. However, there is a large difference in the type and amount of information available to the poker players.

Online Poker Tells

It’s not possible to look at your opponent’s reaction while they peek at their hole cards, nor is it possible to see their hands shaking or their eyes glaring at the television. To be a successful online poker player, you need to pay attention to other details and utilize tools that aren’t available to live poker players.

More Online Poker Tells

This article was made as an addition to the one above and discusses several other online poker tells such as chat window tells and a player’s screen name choice.

Online Poker Tools

Thousands of online poker odds calculators are available to online poker players, and some can be tested at no charge. In this article, I recommend the best online poker tools available, tools which I myself have used when playing poker online.


The internet also brings with it some new possibilities. Before the creation of online poker rooms, it was impossible (mostly because it is against casino rules) to play at more than a single table. With this new technology, and a large monitor, an online poker player can open multiple windows and play at as many as 16 tables at a single time.

Note Taking

Taking notes has become much easier thanks to the convenience of the keyboard already at your fingertips. In a live game, a poker player would have to grab a smart phone, such as an iPhone, or a pen and paper to write down notes on their opponents. Not to mention, using any type of two-way transmitting technology is highly frowned upon in a live tournament setting.

Poker Forums

One of the best ways to learn how to play better is to utilize a poker forum. I recommend that you join one of the forums that I recommend and ask a lot of questions. People who frequent these rooms have extremely valuable advice and can help you improve your game tremendously.