Download PartyPoker for Macs

Better late than never! The (almost) full download version of PartyPoker for Macs was released yesterday. This version runs very smooth and runs 10,000x better then party poker on virtual PC. You can download it right from The new … Continued

Tip 10: Don’t Berate the Fish

When you’re playing poker, there are a few things you should never do. One of them is berating the fish. As much as you’d like to go off on player after they lay a bad beat on you, you just … Continued

Party Poker Anywhere

Party Poker released Anywhere today, which is their latest Mac compatible no download version. Party Poker Anywhere offers a bunch of improvements over NoDownload (the previous beta version) including real money play, faster interface, improved menus, and more features. Party … Continued

Tip 9: Join a Poker Forum

I attribute most of my success as a poker player to being an active member of a Poker Forum. I was able to learn so much by talking to players about strategy, discussing hand histories, reading about other players’ problems, … Continued

Party Poker Full Mac version Release

This isn’t a rumor and I’m not talking about the no download party poker that they’ve been beta testing. Party Poker is releasing a full Mac version. The affiliate manager at party poker told me, “The Mac version should be … Continued

Tip 8: Ace King isn’t the Nuts

So many players get dealt Ace King in poker and think, “how can I get my chips all in pre flop?” Try and get your chips all in preflop with pocket Aces, Kings, or maybe even Queens, but you don’t … Continued

no-download Mac Party Poker Update

I just received an email from party poker that said the completed no download Mac compatible version will be available by mid September. The beta version was released in july along with a few Mac party poker ads, but the … Continued