Tip 7: Seat Selection

Going hand and hand with poker table selection is seat selection. You want to have position over the loose players, so try and sit just to their left. They’re going to be raising and re-raising you and being on their … Continued

Tip 6: Playing the Nuts

In poker, the nuts is a term for the best possible hand you can have in a given situation. John Juanda, a pro from Full Tilt Poker, explains that there’s no ‘set’ way to play your nut poker hands. “It … Continued

Mac Bodog Poker Delayed

In July I reported that Bodog Poker was developing a Mac version that should be coming out very soon. They were supposed to have it out by the end of August, but I just got word that it’s going to … Continued

Tip 5: Eat Blueberries

This years World Series of Poker and $12,000,000 winner, Jamie Gold, was often seen scarfing down bowls of blueberries at the final table. They weren’t cooked or specially prepared, just plain blueberries. During the post tournament interview, Norman Chad asked … Continued

Tip 4: TV Poker is Misleading

You can watch TV poker for entertainment, but don’t develop your poker strategy from the hands you see on TV. They’re only showing a few monster hands that may have occurred over a 6+ hour period, and compressing it into … Continued

Tip 3: Buy a 1600×1200 monitor

This is one of those things that after you get, you wonder how you ever lived without it. The resolution of a monitor determines how many pixels are packed into the screen, so the higher you go, the more screen … Continued

Tip 2: Have self control

This tip is obvious, but still it can’t be said enough. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, or you’re tired, drunk, frustrated, depressed, or whatever, just don’t play poker. It only takes a few hours to wipe out months of … Continued

Tip 1: Table Selection

Table selection is a huge aspect of poker. Bigger then most people think. Most online poker rooms display table statistics in the lobby, like average players and players seeing the flop, which makes finding a good table a lot easier. … Continued

High Stakes at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker (Mac poker site) just added some high stakes tables… High Stakes. They increased their limit games up to $500/$1,000 for Hold’em and Stud H/L, and $1000/$2000 in Omaha H/L and Stud. They also added $100/$200 and $200/$400 … Continued